Helping Small Do Big

They help connect users to over 850 miles of trails. They’re developing a region-wide signage system. They’ve partnered on a massive $9 million urban-to-rural trail connector. The small nonprofit, West Michigan Trails, is doing big things. And with new branding, a new website and new initiatives in place, they hoped for a new video to bolster their messaging efforts. So a group of us trail advocates raised our hands again. We developed a concept to optimize footage that we had previously created for them, filmed some new, added some graphics, and violà! – just in time to premiere at their 2022 summer fundraiser.

West Michigan Trails | 2:35

Director/Editor, Producer

DP/Drone Op

Assistant Producer/AD

Bike-Cam Op



Motion Graphics

Kerry Rasikas

Thom Bell

Lisa Mulry

John DesPres

Mike Firlik

Stuart Poltrock

Grey Christian