A Five-Year Focus On Frank

We began one of our favorite long-term projects in 2001, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Westcott House. This film chronicles the $5.8, five-year restoration of The Westcott House, Wright’s only Prairie style structure in Ohio. 

Focusing on a project at the start is one thing. Staying in focus for years, is another. In addition to plain old stubbornness and persistence, content helps – like Wright’s architecture. So does an interest in discovery – which happens during an historical restoration as stories unfold. Having both kept us sharply focused following Frank’s house for those long five years.

This was our second film on a Frank Lloyd Wright restoration. Production on the documentary, “The Renewing of a Vision” began shortly after Steelcase acquired the Meyer May house in 1985. The restoration of this 1908 gem took two years and included demolition of a 1922 addition plus painstaking, expert attention to hundreds of exterior and interior details. It is the most completely restored of Wright’s homes.

Extended Trailer | 8:09

Full Length | 27:30





Sound Design

Kerry Rasikas

Lisa Mulry

Alan Rosas

Scott Winters
Jason Perkins
Steve Jones
Scott Graham
Kerry Rasikas

Mickey Howell