This One Was Personal

From the Way-Back Machine: Decades ago, a photographer mentor offered me several boxes of slides and negatives that he had shot of the early years of Grand Valley State University football.

Being a part of those early years, I took and stored them – along with spiral-bound albums of newspaper articles my dad had clipped and saved.

Over the years, I would periodically dig through those boxes searching for  photos of teammates to put in their hands. Still, there remained trays and sleeves of slides and negatives that I stored for decades – along with those newspaper clippings.

As GVSU’s 50th season events approached, I revisited those boxes and albums – and thought I’d try to do something with what I had. Something that would celebrate the early players while tipping a hat to each decade and how far the program had come.

So, I wrote, scanned, researched, edited, rewrote, re-edited, recorded . . . and made a short video.

It played on the stadium Jumbotron for the 70’s decade celebration and on GVSU social media sites – and now resides on the University’s football alumni website.

Today, Grand Valley football is the winningest program in NCAA Division II history.

The beginning was quite different.

“These Guys”

TRT 3:42