Kerry Rasikas is an independent editor, director, collaborator and consultant on select media projects for companies, colleagues, and organizations.


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  • long/short form: story, promotion, process
  • teaser/trailer/sizzle promos
  • existing assets/template-based options
  • social media/email loops
  • budget-friendly/fixed-rate options
  • hardware/software:
    • dual monitor iMac Retina 5K Intel Core i7
    • 15 TB RAID array
    • Adobe Creative Suite

  • product/service: launch/promote/FAB
  • company/organization: profile/overview/history
  • people: profile/story/legacy
  • how-to/process
  • short form documentary
  • web/tv spots
  • honor/awards/celebrations/fund raisers
  • budget-friendly/fixed-rate options

  • concepts/approaches
  • production budgeting/scheduling: prep/review/advise
  • production resources: vet/manage/advise
  • motion graphics/animation: vet/manage/advise
  • script review/editing/advise
  • edit review/advise
  • budget-friendly/fixed-rate options

His 40-year career began with a college internship operating a multi-axis film animation stand. Rasikas has worked professionally as a still photographer, cinematographer, multi-image producer, film editor, producer and director.

He's directed governors, Nobel Laureates, CEOs, billionaires, artists, actors, kids and dogs - and has filmed on five continents and in his parent's backyard. In collaboration with talented colleagues around the country, the body of work ranges from web snippets to thirty-second commercials, thirty-minute documentaries and hour-long TV specials - from weeks to years in the making. Much of the work was produced by RasikasFilms, a full-service production company active from 1997-2020 and led by Rasikas and producer Lisa Mulry.

• 1997-2020 •

Several riveting production recollections are posted at Rewind.